Having a computer in the house is not the only step you will take.  If you are using anything then, of course, you need to maintain that thing.  There are many ways you need to maintain your device is especially electronic devices like computer.  A computer is a very profitable and very usable device in the world and there are millions and millions of people who are using it on daily basis.  You should know that if you are willing to maintain the computer for yourself then you need to follow some steps which can be able to make your computer work for a long time effectively.


You might find me idiot in this regard but cleaning the computer on a daily basis will be able to remove many of the big problems from your computer.  Many of the time the dust in the air gets inside the computer hardware and eventually it ruins the functionality of the computer. You should know that you need to make this thing a permanent for you.  On daily basis, you need to clean up the open parts of your computer as much as possible and clean it effectively.

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If there is any shortage of current in your house or the socket of the electric is not working effectively then you need to change it as soon as possible otherwise it will damage your computer.  If there is need then you can install the stabilizer which will be able to stabilize the current and will be able to give full current to your computer. Give the full current for full functionality.



Many of the time without our knowledge there is some problem with the hardware which needs to be checked by the user.  for example, if there is any loose end in the hardware of the computer then you need to make it stick to the hardware and to the computer board to give you good functionality without any future trouble



Depends on the workload you do on your computer you need to run the anti-virus on your computer on daily or weekly basis.  This is not a very small thing to remember. You need to consider this thing to be one of the prime options to maintain your computer.  There are many third-party sources from where you will be attacked by the viruses. And if you will not run the anti-virus on your computer then you will have a very troubled computer.  There are many free antiviruses available on the Internet which will be able to give you the functionality to remove any of the viruses from your computer. If you have the money in your pocket then you can buy a good type of anti-virus to work for you.

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So these were some of essential and easy to do points for you which will be able to give you the functionality to maintain your computer and you will be able to use it for a long time without any hesitation on the mind and also without any burden on the pocket