Your computer is an expensive piece of technology that you want to keep in good working order. If you are looking for tips to take care of your computer in every aspect of your life, read on. These 10 ways are simple and will ensure that your device is always in supreme working order.

1. Install Anti-virus Software

The most important thing for anybody to protect their PC. Anti-virus software will make sure that your computer keeps spam, strange websites, and devastating viruses firmly away. Some people think that they don’t need to install anti-virus software, but if you fall prey to malware, spyware, or a very damaging virus, the cost to restore the system would be much more than the anti-virus package.

2. Run Essential Computer Maintenance

Defragmenting your computer, cleaning the registry, and getting rid of cache and cookies are simple ways to ensure that your computer is fighting fit.

3. Perform Regular Software Updates

Updates contain fixes for glitches and bugs, as well as provide extra security features. So the next time you defer that update, you could be missing out on important software changes that will keep your PC running smoothly.

4. Removing Dust From the Fans and Vents

A regular cleaning regime is so important. When you have a tower PC, the fans and vents can become consumed with dust, which can cause your machine to overheat and make it run a lot slower. Cleaning the vents and fans is a simple thing, but it will go a long way.

5. Back Up All Your Files

If you use your computer to store lots of videos and photos like a video production company, it is common sense to back up all of these files should something happen to the computer and all the information ends up disappearing. External hard drives are cheap to buy and you can also use software-based backups. If there is a problem with your PC and there is a glitch, a software-based backup can help you go back to a key moment in your PCs timeline. 

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6. Clean the Screen

When was the last time you actually cleaned the screen? You need to do this regularly to ensure the dust doesn’t get into the computer. You should always follow the recommendations by the manufacturer, and use a soft cloth or wipes that are made for electrical devices

7. Use a Surge Protector

If you rely on your computer for a whole manner of professional and personal tasks, you’re running the risk of completely destroying your computer if there is a power surge. Protecting your computer with a surge protector is a simple thing that you can do if there is a sudden increase in voltage. If you need to use your computer and there is damage to a powerline or your area is experiencing lightning strikes, a surge protector will detect the excess current and divert it to save your computer.

8. Keep Crumbs Out of Your Keyboard

Who doesn’t like to eat at their computer? It is a necessity for most of us using our PC all day, every day. If you continually pore over your computer during your lunch break, you need to keep crumbs away from the keyboard. But crumbs are not just a nuisance, they can actually damage the internal components of the keyboard. Buying a keyboard protector can easily offset this. But if you don’t like the feeling of a dust cover on your keyboard, you can purchase keyboard sprays that get to work quickly.

9. Transport It Safely

A laptop is a very delicate thing. After all, it is a small device full of microchips, so if you transport it on a regular basis, one simple bump could cause a multitude of issues. If you carry your laptop around with you, you’ve got to transport it in a carrying case that is padded. This will protect the computer from any dents and scratches, but also will stop debris and dust getting inside the keyboard fans and vents.

10. Keep an Eye on the Temperature

Our computers can overheat quickly. It is important for you to avoid extreme temperatures. Keeping your computer at a moderate temperature, roughly between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius, is best for your computer to thrive. You should never leave your computer in an environment prone to fluctuating temperatures, such as a hot car or a cold basement.

If you look after your computer, it will look after you. We can very easily take out a computer for granted and this is why you need to remember some of the simple ways to take care of your computer.