A computer is an electronic machine and it can malfunction any time. This isn’t the case with the computer only; there are many electronics that malfunction. At times, your microwave does not work properly. Sometimes, you have to change the capacitor of your fan as it slows down. Sometimes, your Air conditioner does not work. So, these are all electronic items, and hence, there is always a chance of malfunctioning.

So, when anything like this happens, the next step is to get a person who can repair it. When it comes to laptops or computers, you need to take them to a computer repair service company in order to get it repaired. There are different problems that may occur to your laptop or computer and to get those problems solved, an expert repairer can help. Sometimes, there are display issues to your computer or a virus just crashes everything or the windows or important files are corrupted. At times, there are problems with the hardware. So, no matter what the problem is, a repair service provider can help you get rid of it and give you a nice and running computer back.

Are you looking for someone to repair your computer? There are many top rated computer service providers around you that you are unfamiliar with. In the West Midlands, UK, there are hundreds of companies always ready to help you with repairing your computer. All you need to do is find those companies and seek their assistance. However, you can’t trust all the companies. There are  few trusted computer repair service providers that you should contact. Following are the 10 top rated computer repair service companies in West Midlands, UK.

PC Repair Squad

PC Repair Squad is by far the best computer repair service company in Midlands UK. It is among the most famous and renowned service providers. With a staff of professional experts, they know how to deal with every computer problem. They specialize in computer repair, laptop repair and virus removal. They have a vast experience of dealing with computer errors and hence they can get your laptop or computer repaired quickly. So, giving your laptop to these professionals means you are in safe hands!

Horton Computer Services

Horton is one of the best computer service providers you will find in Midlands, UK. Based in Halesowen, they can fix your computer and laptop quickly. They ensure perfection and return your computer with everything running perfectly and smoothly. So, you can trust them and give your laptops and computers to them for repair.


PC PAL is another fine company that repairs laptops and computers to perfection. They have a very qualified and experienced staff who know how to get things done with a minimal effort. Their services are cheap as well and you can get your computer repaired at an affordable price.


Mojoo is based in Midlands, UK and is among top companies that offer computer repair services in the county. It is also a popular company and has some experienced personnel. They take less time than other companies and repair computers perfectly, thanks to their expertise.

PC Repair Guru

PC Repair Guru is indeed a guru and they know how to fix errors with your computer hardware. In addition, they are familiar with different viruses and know how to get rid of those dangerous viruses and malware.


Technobudd is a great option in the Midlands, UK if you are keen to repair your computer at a reasonable rate. Yes, their rates are cheap but they ensure quality repairing services as well.

Computer Repairs Birmingham

Though they sound like they are based in Birmingham; they offer computer repair services in the Midlands, UK. You can head towards their office and ask them for their effective repairing services.

UltraCore Distribution

Ultra Core Distribution is one of the top computer repair service providers in the county. They make sure to offer excellent repair services, and at the same time, they charge reasonable prices.

Fast PC Repair

As the name suggests, they promise quick repair services. And they are right about that. Fast PC Repair can repair your personal computers and laptop within the specified time, and they are usually fast.

Alex PC Repair

Alex PC Repair promises magnificent computer repair services at extremely reduced prices. If you are looking for trusted and renowned companies, it can be your ultimate choice. So, you can contact them for repairing your PCs.


So, these are the 10  top-rated computer repair service companies in West Midlands, UK. No matter what error occurs to your computer hardware or software, take your computer or laptop to these expert professionals and get them repaired. They would get it repaired quickly so that you get back to work soon!

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